The Tale of Theodore Emilléon.

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The Tale of Theodore Emilléon.

Post by TheRavenousWyzen on Thu Mar 19, 2015 2:06 pm

"So.. I told you my story. What's yours, old fella?"

Theo turned to attention onto the man, who he had zoned out for so long now. It had felt like an eternity since the man opposite him had began talking, he almost couldn't believe it. His eyes grew larger, finally finding the responsibility to reply. "Hah, it's a long story. I'm sure you don't want to hear it." He replied with genuine sincerity. "No, no.. Go on!" The man persisted. He swayed forwards, indicating he would love to know more. Theo's eyebrows raised up, he was in the spotlight yet again. He laughed to himself under his breath, his reverse psychology working like a charm. He runs his fingers through his brownish-grey hair, slicking it back. He rests his forearms onto the table in front, similar to the man opposite him. He zoned out the rest of the bar, and with a clearing of his throat, he was sent into a a void. A void of his memories.

"You see, back before all this shit. It was an easy life.." Theo briskly walked into the apartment complex, he fished his keys out of his pocket. His eyes quickly searched for any unwanted attention. He undoes his apartment door with sly movements. He smiles, strolling into his apartment under the radar. "Mister Emilleon!" His spontaneous smile departed as soon as it arrived. He turns on his heels, expecting another lecture. His eyes align with the fat blob known as Richard. Richard weighed equivalently the size of a baby elephant. He wore an old suit, that hadn't been fashionable since the 1950s. He had receding grey hair, and a face so wrinkled you couldn't tell where his eyes were. "Mister Emilleon. You didn't think you could slip away, could you? Haha.." The fat blob Richard boasted, laughing as his chins wobbled. Theo rolled his eyes, as was usual when 'conversing' with Richard. "I'll pay you soon, okay? Okay. Goo-oodbye.." Theo stated bluntly, he took a step into his apartment, and began to close the door hatefully. Richard stuck his polished loafers between the apartment door, obstructing it. "Not so fast, Mister Emilleon.. I want you to pay up. Now." Richard comfortably threw the door open. Theo paced back, surprised by the amount of strength held by Richard.. He then realized where the strength came from with a faint "Oh-right.." "Now you listen you, so frenchy-frog mother fucker. You pay up now, or I swear I'll cave you FUCKING head in! I've taken enough shit from you, I am not having it anymore." Richard exclaimed violently. His voice rippled through the silent apartment complex, occasionally a bystander would walk past, inspecting the situation with whatever time they had. Theo's frown grew horrid. His mouth bared his teeth, like wild animal hunting his prey. He approached the circle with legs, standing close to his door. "Oh.. Confrontation, Mister Emilleon? Be my guest! I served in the national guard for twenty years!" Richard boasted with a foul grin upon his face. Theo relieved the stress from his face immediately, seeming unphased by the whole affair. His hand slithered on the edge of his apartment door. He simply stared at Richard, before stating bluntly "Please, call me Theodore." Theo replied, with an equally charming smile on his face. He suddenly throws the door shut, slamming it onto Richards face. "Ooof!" Theo grinned at the audible groaning from Richard. He quickly opened his door, baffled by his sight. Richard's nose was bleeding heavily, his eyes became swelling and red. He began to stumble backwards, his balance not easy to maintain. He supported himself onto the railings of the stairs. Theo sensed danger, he rushed out of his apartment, with sudden compassion in his eyes. Richard took one last look at Theo, "Gah.." Is the only thing he managed to say, his throat swelling up from something. Theo stood back utterly confused. Richard suddenly tipped over onto his back, and shot down the stairs. He was ragdolled down the several flights of stairs, before landing disfigured, and lifeless. Theo stared around, noticing the bystanders on different floors coming to investigate the noise. Theo rushed into his apartment, and slammed the door shut. He slid down into a sitting position, unable to comment on anything.

"So, you killed him?" The man asked, his eyebrows suddenly shooting up in pure amazment. He laughed to himself, before turning his attention back to Theo. "If it helps, he did deserve it from what you said. Theo suddenly shook his head, being brought back into reality. He smiled along with the man, however his smile seemed poorly forced. "Do you regret it?" The man asked, taking his playful tone away and replacing it with a semi-serious one. Theo leans back in his seat comfortably, with his face a mixture of happiness and anger. "I suppose not. I fled the country, managed to escape any responsibility of it.. Though, they might have eventually caught me, if this whole.. Invasion shit didn't happen." Theo admitted blissfully, his eyes focused onto the man, unable to escape from his stare. The man notices Theo's uncomfortable tension, he scratches his neck nervously. He manages to quickly change the subject.. "So, that invasion. The 'UU' right? How'd that go for you?" Theo sniffled, wiping his finger under his nostrils. He turned, searching for any units in sight. Without spotting any, he returns his attention onto the man. He manages to smile yet again, and wander back into his thoughts.

"Fuck, I can't remember where I was at the time.. Hmh. I think it would be safe to assume I was in France.."
Theo raises his forearm over his eyes, covering them from the flood of cosmic light. A spiraling tornado full of a green and purple palette began to erupt the skys. The clouds turned dark, and grey. The sun no longer seemed to flood through the dense crowd of clouds. Citizens all around began copying Theo. They were drawn to the giant in the sky. Theo grew tired of the swarming morons gathered around him. He pushed through the assortments of citizens, taking abuse from his ignorance. Theo sniffed, unphased by the pathetic insults. Theo made his way toward the closest corner shop. He stopped right outside it, detecting the 'Open' neon sign that flickered with response. He rolled his eyes, before barging his way in. "Bonjour, monsieur!" The shopkeeper exclaimed. "Bonjour.." Theo retorted bluntly. He began to examine the man -- Before he even had time to think, a thunderous crackle erupted from the skies. It caused a loud rumble of the ground. The utensils and products flew off the shelves in the store. The man in the store began to scream, suddenly falling to the floor. Theo ran outside, eager to find whatever was making this roaring scream. Theo's eyes shuddered, he watched millions, and millions of what seemed like dots pouring in through the cosmic tornado. Theo stood idle for a second, not able to react correctly. He then turned on his heels, and accelerated into the shop he had just exited from. He slammed the door shut behind him. The screams of thousands of people echoed through the streets, torturing those who had the misfortune of hearing it. Another foul rumble shook the ground beneath Theo's feet. Stacks of shelves began falling, one fell beside Theo, blocking the entrance he had just used. He scrambled to his feet, pressing his face against the window. He then spotted something, out of the corner of his eye. A woman, and a child. Both running for their lives. The child was dragged forcefully through the streets, clearly having no clue on what was happening. The woman sobbed horrifically, calling out for someone. Her eyes Aligned with Theo's, he began to sprint toward the corner shop window. He tore the posters away, giving a plain sight of Theo, who was obviously shocked. "Aidez-moi! Aidez-moi, s'il vous plait!" The woman shouted, banging onto the window for assistance. Theo paced back, shaking his head. He pointed over toward the door, indicating it was blocked. "Aidez-moi!" The woman kept repeating herself, growing more upset over time. The rumbling persisted, it was heavier this time. The building beside Theo began to collapse. An ecstasy of noise swept the street, filling it with dust. Theo dived onto the floor, sliding under a stack of shelves for safety. Anything on the outside was surely dead. The shelf suddenly slipped, and landed on Theo's hand. He threw himself up in reaction, cursing loudly in pain. He grunted heavily, with his breath falling victim to the dust that crept closer over time. Sweat dripped from his face, he shook his head to stay conscious. His hearing began to fade away. Only vigorous beeping was heard from what seemed everywhere..

"Wow.. That was quite dramatic." The man added, barely clinging on to the edge of his seat. Theo nodded silently, his mood had been swept away by the story he had told. Just then, speakers crackled on, emitting a generic bland voice through the streets. "Theodore Emilleon, please report to the transit station for transfer." Theo snapped back into reality, becoming aware of the blatant announcement. Theo crept out of his seat, and stretched. The man opposite him suddenly exclaimed "Wait!" Theo turned back, alarmed by the man's sudden burst. "Have this.. It's not much, but you've been through a lot. It's the least I can do." The man added compassionately. He took a handful of tokens from his pocket, and pushes it onto Theo's side of the table. Theo, rather surprised by the gestured, took the gratitude with a heart-felt smile. He piled the tokens up, and placed them into his pocket. He nodded, gratefully. He turned quickly, and began to walk out. "Just one thing, Theo- Was it?" The man quickly stated "Yes?" Theo turned, with his eyebrow arching upwards. "If all that rubble fell, surely you would have been like.. Killed as well, as those two?" The man asked, with a vague suspicion, now going over the story in his head. Theo turned gracefully. He stood with his back straightened, and his face smug. His eyebrows wiggled, before he clapped slowly. "Braa-vo. You had to point something out, didn't you? You couldn't have just walked away from it, huh?" Theo spoke with an aggressive tone. The man flew back into his seat, puzzled. His mouth opened up, unable to contemplate what is going on. "What.. Do you mean?" The man reluctantly uttered. Theo smiled, charmingly. He his eyebrows perked up defiantly. "Do I have to spell it out for you, eh? I wasn't very truthful, to be fair. That fat fuck, Richard. I pushed him down the stairs, after I began to let my anger out on him.. 'Frenchy-Frog', pfft.." The man remained silent. His nails dug into the table, frightened from the convincing lies Theo had poured so delicately into his ears. "Oh, and the woman and child? I could have opened the door. I just kept it shut. Didn't want it too crampt, you know? A shelf did land on my hand, though.. Ough it hurt." Theo admitted brutally, waving his hand, pretending his had hurt it. With one last cheeky smile, Theo winked at the man. "Oh, and thank you for the tokens." He adds smugly, before leaving the utterly confused man to himself. Theo walked with pride, he walked with a sense of majesty only thought to be achieved by those of royal blood. He zoned out any obstacles, such as Citizens on his way. Theo thought of the man's blooded body, laying at the bottom of the flight of stairs. Theo laughed quietly to himself, before quickly entering the station, patting his hand on the large sum of tokens that lie in his pockets comfortably.

-- Apologies for any over used words, or bad writing in general. Haven't done a story in a while, though it isn't excusable. Just hope you enjoy the story Smile

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