Mr. MindBlow's OTA Application

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Mr. MindBlow's OTA Application

Post by Mr. MindBlow on Sun Dec 13, 2015 2:54 am

What was the role of the OTA units before the conversion?:


What is an APC?:

APC is a heavily armored tactical combine vehicle used to transport various supplies to where they are needed, or for simply patrolling the streats easily. The vehicle is biolocked so humans will not be able to use it In-character.

Explain, briefly, what each of the divisions are responsible for:

They are responsible for caring and protecting Higher authorities like City Administrators if requested.

See a Riot? Are your MPF useless?
With AR2 pulse rifles and H.E grenades equipt they will get rid of them with in a blink of an eye!

With his powerful Sniper he can take care of problems from a far away.
Long range sniping and scanning.

Explain why it is important for you to maintain high standards of RP in this role?:

This is a role that Role-play is very serious and it should be taken serious.
As this class has to protect Higher Authorities and only comes out during mass events, who ever is Role-playing as it has to know the basics or better on so said "How 2 OTA".

Do you understand that this is mainly an inactive role, that is only used every so often?:

Yes, I do.

Give a brief description of your backstory (How you became OTA).

Peter Simmons was a young man who used to work as a private in the army. His life was quite boring, nothing exciting happened. His job was to stay guard at the gate, he never got to do anything. After work, he just finished the day with dinner and sleep. But this kind of life all ended, one day. It was one of his normal days, he just finished worked and arrived at home. After dinner he watched the news, they were talking about strange things. Peter had no time to continue watching it, the phone ringed and he answered. It was the military, asking him to come immediately. He ran to his car, quickly driving back to the base. When he arrived, they gave him his uniform and weapon. "You're going to need these.", they said. After changing clothes he followed the others outside. The captain was busy with his speech, talking about some kind of "alien species" invading Earth. He took his weapon and left with his fellow soldiers.

When they arrived, the skies were dark. A huge portal formed in the air. The citizens were commanded to enter their homes while they're dealing with the problem. Weird-looking aircrafts came out, killing everyone who got in their way. Big three-legged creatures appeared, firing at the soldiers. Peter ran away to cover. He found a little home and hid. Fifteen minutes later he came out, finding dead soldiers. The ones who survived were clearly injured, others being taken away. The aliens approached him. He knew that humanity was doomed, and surrendered. They knocked him out and dragged him with them, finding himself in a small room when he gained consciousness. They put a device on his head, after that he couldn't remember anything anymore. He was confused, wearing some kind of armor and a mask. A tall figure approached him, laughing after Peter asked: "What's going on?". He got no answer, the man gestured him to follow. They gave him a weapon that he had never seen before. He had to get used to this new tool. He was an Overwatch Soldier now, and so started his new life. As part of the Transhuman Arm, he followed all orders. He was like a mindless robot, doing whatever he was told to do.

Please state which OTA division you would like to be in, using numbers. 1 being your most preferred, 3 being least preferred, in the boxes below:

BLADE: [3]
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Re: Mr. MindBlow's OTA Application

Post by MrAtomicDuck on Sun Dec 13, 2015 11:46 am

I like your backstory, and there are less grammatical errors in this particular application. You have a good grasp of what the OTA do, and we'll make sure that everything is certain before letting you loose. For now, we may assign you to STINGER as there won't be much need for PHANTOM early on, it all depends on how much player intake we get, but I'll keep these numbers in mind. In any case, welcome to the OTA.


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