OverWatch Transhuman Arm Division Guide

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OverWatch Transhuman Arm Division Guide

Post by MrAtomicDuck on Mon Feb 02, 2015 5:06 pm

The OTA (Overwatch Transhuman Arm):


Current Ranks: OWS (OverWatch Soldier) / EOC (Elite Overwatch Commander)

OTA Divisions:

STINGER - This division is responsible for the protection of the CAS (Civil Administration Senate) members. This goes from assistants, to the administrator himself. Besides this, they are also responsible for escorting high value suspects or prisoners.This may include resistance fighters, or rogue units. These units are issued 12 gauge shotguns, loaded with 00 buck, or the standard issue AR2 pulse rifle.

PHANTOM - This division is solely responsible for supporting the other divisions in all that they do, usually from a distance with their long range, standard issue, rifles. These units have received augmentations and upgrades to their equipment, in order to upgrade their effectiveness at range, much like their high-tech eyepiece, responsible for scanning and identifying targets at a distance, before a shot is taken. These units are issued Combine manufactured sniper rifles.

BLADE - These units are the brawn of the operation. Their sole responsibility is to spearhead any insertions, and wipe out any threat to socio-stability by any means necessary. When the MPF can’t handle it, these guys are called out. When you see them coming… Run. These units are issued AR2 pulse rifles, or 12 gauge shotguns, along with a H.E grenade.

KING - These units are the best of the best. When processing first began, the special forces of each major nation were conscripted into what is now known as the KING division. These units are tasked with leading squadrons of the three divisions already mentioned, without mercy, toward whatever target they have. These units will usually command one set division, but can be swapped between others if no other KING units are on hand. These units are not required, but are advised, for all insertions. These units are armed with AR2 pulse rifles, and have access to it’s anti-matter projectile function, along with H.E grenades.

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