Wolfy's OTA Application

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Wolfy's OTA Application

Post by WolfyPT on Sun Dec 13, 2015 7:20 pm

What was the role of the OTA units before the conversion?:

Most of them where former members from earth's military, simple soldiers.

What is an APC?:

APCs (Armored Personnel Carrier) are used to rapidly deploy both Civil Protection and Overwatch forces to trouble spots. Outside the cities, both Civil Protection and Overwatch forces use APCs extensively to patrol isolated areas, such as the Canals and the Coast. APCs are also used by the Combine to patrol and transport Combine Soldiers to areas in need of maintenance (such as reactivating Antlion restricting devices). They can also serve as an electrical generator, for powering a Force Field which would prevent the player from advancing into certain areas.

Explain, briefly, what each of the divisions are responsible for:

STINGER - The units assigned to this division have the responsability to guard high value targets or escort high value prisioners.

PHANTOM - They are meant to support other divisions in what ever task is required, usually from distance with their long range sniper rifles. They can also be used for scouting and identifying targets at distance, or even assassinate them.

BLADE - They are the main force of the ota, they are the ones who will be breaching into places, sweeping everywhere for anti-citizens and wipe out any threat to socio-stability by any means necessary when the MPF can't handle it.

Explain why it is important for you to maintain high standards of RP in this role?:

If units do not keep high standards of rp, not only are they making roleplay less enjoyable, they are making people not want to play on the server it self, besides that they are big impact characters on the Half Life 2 universe, the game it self is mostly about them. They should be composed of people who will roleplay to their best knowledge, since they are also considered one of the factions which best represent what sort of server other people are roleplaying on, if its serious and proper roleplay, or not at all.

Do you understand that this is mainly an inactive role, that is only used every so often?:

Yes, i do.

Give a brief description of your backstory (How you became OTA).

Thomas Medalha was born in 11/07/1996, he lived with his father and mother far away from the main cities in an small house. Life was simple and at its most natural state, the furniture and tools they had in their house where old and outdated. There was also an small barn outside their house which had some animals, where they could get meat, eggs and other products from. Thomas had always been an thinker since he was young and always aware of his surroundings, but he was always reluctant to trust anybody so he became used to being alone most of the time and never have anybody to talk to besides his parents, so he always was very silent.
They had an massive farming field which had been planted with an wide variety of seeds to ensure they had plenty of variety each day on their daily meals. Naturaly that mean they growed their own food for them selfs, so they didnt had to spend any money or visit an city, there was also an old well nearby their propriety, where they could get fresh water everyday, when ever needed. As he eventually reached the minimum required age for the army, he decided to serve in it for an year, though his passion was always to become an surgeon. When he returned to his home, he started to on his free time start hunting in an forest with his fathers hunting rifle, where he would use it shoot rabbits, among other animals. One day as he was returning home, he felt something was very wrong and that he was being watched, so he hid behind an tree, and as he peeked around the corner, he saw futuristic looking people in heavy armor suits running towards him guns blazing, he quickly reacted by shooting an few shots at them and made an run for it as the ota soldiers attempted to take cover, and eventually lost them in the forest.
The family was able to stay off their radars for an good while because they lived far away from all civilization and in an very remote area, sort of hidden and not marked on any maps. Eventually one day, they got found and the scared father went to fetch his hunting rifle, and they went to hide in the basement. The combine breached in and the father attempted to shoot the unit but the rifle had no ammo loaded anymore, so the units shot him in the arm, causing him to drop his weapon, and they where seperated by the combine as thomas got bashed in the head by the unit's pulse rifle butt and became unconcious.
When he woke up, he was in an holding cell with an forcefield active at the exit. He heard units talking about an individual which managed to escape the ota and had been caugh eventually because he didnt abandon his family. He was shocked when they said he would be turned into an ota soldier to replace one which aparently had been killed by one of his shots. The forcefield was disabled suddently and elite overwatch commander unit came inside for him and knocked him out.

Please state which OTA division you would like to be in, using numbers. 1 being your most preferred, 3 being least preferred, in the boxes below:


BLADE: [2]


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Re: Wolfy's OTA Application

Post by MrAtomicDuck on Sun Dec 13, 2015 8:57 pm


You have a clear grasp of the different roles of each division, which is good. I would like to mention that in our lore, all OTA units were formerly Earth military forces and were conscripted into the OTA during processing, though I can't expect you to know that as of yet. For now we may have to put you in BLADE division, simply because we have no other OTA as of yet besides one, but I will keep in mind you have applied for PHANTOM as first choice. Welcome to the OTA.

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