Swifting's MPF Application.

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Swifting's MPF Application.

Post by Swifting on Sun Dec 13, 2015 8:16 pm

Why do you want to be in the MPF?

(IC) I want to join the Metro police force because I believe I have seen a great amount of injustice in this world, people are killed by rebels not just Civil Protection, they are an enemy to everyone and they must be put to a stop before they drag as many as they can to the grave with them because that's just what they are...Selfish. My own brother joined the "rebels" and all he got was 3 shots in the back from a "friend" because they were hungry, either way. If he had just been a normal citizen or even joined to help the great Union then he would be alive, I won't make the mistakes he made. I must fight against them and make sure I help the Universal Union in every way I can.

(OOC) I would like to have the MPF whitelist because it's a great roleplaying whitelist as you can have pretty much every type of roleplay, It opens up  a lot of experiences and is generally a fun character to roleplay when you're not being your everyday citizen, it allows you to be on the other side of the fence and understand/enforce the Universal Union's rules.

Have you had experience in this role before?

Yes, I have been RP'ing for about a year now and in that time I've had upwards of 10 units on various servers, I've been everything from a RCT up to the Commander and always roleplay to the highest I can, I previously owned a server where I was a Civil Protection unit as well, also making sure that the rules were followed to avoid FailRP etc.

Why is it important to maintain high standards of RP as an MPF unit?:

Because you're setting an example to everyone including the new roleplayers. If a new roleplayer comes on and sees a Civil Protection unit messing around then they may believe that's how you act and eventually get banned or cause trouble on the server, It makes the roleplay less enjoyable if you are minging because people cannot interact with you properly and if you don't know enough to be a CP unit then how will you yourself communicate with other players with the whitelist, that's why you must make sure you are always performing an excellent roleplaying scenario and know your stuff before you decide to apply, or at least know the basics so you can learn.

How, in your eyes, should an MPF unit act when interacting with citizens?:

It depends on your rank, If you are a low rank you tend to be brutal but not completely evil, you wouldn't beat up a citizen who says "hi" if you're a RCT/05 who's just started because that's FailRP as you're still basically a citizen, if you're a higher unit you would tend to ignore and look down at citizens, you have become more brutal and are constantly looking for threats and citizens who are not following the global rules, they may be a bit more rough with citizens but they wouldn't kill them for no reason. That's not what they're there for really.

Type out an example of an 04 unit pursuing a fleeing anti-citizen

HELIX-04: "/r Requesting 10-78 for a fleeing 647E confirmed, Level 5 violation!"
HELIX-04: "/me Pulls out his pistol, raising it into the air and firing a warning shot"
HELIX- 04 "/y hold it right there!"
Anti-citizen: "/me Stops still, realising he is defenceless turning around slowly, unsure of what to do."
HELIX-04 "Get down on the ground anti-citizen, hands behind you"
Anti-citizen: "/w Shit. /y Okay okay! I-I have no weapons!"
HELIX-04 "/me Slowly approaches the citizen, while doing so he touching his hand to his ear and says "647E pacified, requesting that backup 10-18, stand by for transport"
HELIX-04 "/me Stands over the citizen and turns to take a small pair of zipties from his pocket."
Anti-citizen: "/me pulls out a small knife in his pocket and attempts to slice at the units legs while he is distracted" /roll [78 out of 100
HELIX-04 /roll [1 out of 100] "/me Yells in pain "Gah!" Dropping the zipties and startling backwards"
Anti-citizen: /me Would quickly get up while the unit is distracted and attempt to kick the unit backwards further" ".// Roll?"
HELIX-04 ".// P2L, I'm stabbed I probably couldn't put up much of a fight"
HELIX-04 "/me Falls backwards, crashing to the ground with blood pouring out of his leg and mask"
Anti-citizen: "/me Runs quickly, while the unit is down away from the scene"
HELIX-04 /me Painfully presses his ear "/r 10-99, 10-99 U-unit down, 647E is evasion s-status, 11-1 severed artery."

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Re: Swifting's MPF Application.

Post by MrAtomicDuck on Sun Dec 13, 2015 8:35 pm

This is a great application, I love every aspect of it. You have a clear grasp of what we expect from units and you understand the magnitude of the role itself. What I would say, is that this server will primarily use P2L, but of course it is down to the two roleplayers in the scenario so I'm glad to see you included both P2L and Roll RP. Congratulations, and welcome to the MPF. You will be given your whitelist after the launch event has concluded.


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