TibTib's OTA Application

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TibTib's OTA Application

Post by Tibbers on Mon Dec 14, 2015 2:59 pm

OTA Whitelist Format:

What was the role of the OTA units before the conversion?: They were highly skilled military soldiers, such as the Navy SEALS.

What is an APC?: An armored personnel carrier is used to escort important people or to simply provide combat support in tough situations.

Explain, briefly, what each of the divisions are responsible for:

Stingers are used to protect or escort high value targets, such as the City Administrator, Sectorial or a valuable prisoner.

Blade units are pretty much the guys who handle all the tough situations, like breaching, containing riots etc-

Phantoms are the snipers of the Overwatch Transhuman Arm and they usually snipe targets from rooftops or catwalks.

Explain why it is important for you to maintain high standards of RP in this role?: Well, because OTA units are responsible for very important tasks, such as protecting people or dealing with anti-citizens, you need to know the basics of role-play and not just go around shooting people because the OTA has a very big aspect in the game.

Do you understand that this is mainly an inactive role, that is only used every so often?: Yes, I do understand that.

Give a brief description of your backstory (How you became OTA).

James Auburn was a Navy SEALS soldier, he joined the SEALS after the airplanes crashed into the World Trade Center and has been doing hard work in the force since.
When he and his fellow mates were on a mission in Afghanistan, they saw the clouds forming into a huge tornado and after that a huge portal appeared on top of them.
Strange alien-looking creatures appeared from the portals, shooting everyone that was in their sight. James got separated from his squad and soon a part of a building
collapsed on him and he lost consciousness.

After some time he woke up in a strange operating room and his body felt different, so did his mind. When the people next to him saw that he was awake, they injected
some kind of drugs into him, and he fell asleep. After that, he never got to think about his life before, nor did he get to feel his body. Now he is a tool of the Union.

Please state which OTA division you would like to be in, using numbers. 1 being your most preferred, 3 being least preferred, in the boxes below:

STINGER: [ 2 ]
BLADE: [ 1 ]
PHANTOM: [ 3 ]

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