DinoK's (Not enslaved) Vortigaunt Application

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DinoK's (Not enslaved) Vortigaunt Application

Post by DinoK on Wed Dec 23, 2015 11:22 am

Steam Name: DinoK

Steam ID(steamidfinder.com):

Why do you want to become a part of the Vortigaunt faction?: Well, Because I feel like the server will get far and that the role play will be great! I have also roleplayed as a Vortigaunt before, around about 5-6 Times.

Why should you be granted this role?*: Because, I can be trusted with the whitelist, My rp is great and I promise not to abuse the whitelist in any way of form.

Do you have experience in this role before? If so, state when and for how long: Well, I've had experience... About 5-6 Times, By that I mean, I've been vortigaunt on around about 5-6 servers. How long... Ugh... I don't know how answer that really >.<

8 Line minimum examples of the following:

Your character flux shifting to linguistic vortigese with another vortigaunt*: (Optional: No)

Your vortigaunt healing another wounded entity:
** Ghung Lar would raise his hands, level to the wound - He'd then focus his mind and soul on healing the wound before a beam of green light would appear, It would flow directly from his hands to the wound - In a matter of seconds, the wound would be gone, only scratches and bruises left.

Your vortigaunt harnessing the vortessence destructively: (I know it's not optional but... I'd like to pass on this if you don't mind)

Your vortigaunt using his claws to attack a non-sentient being, such as a headcrab host. **Ghung Lar would, pounce towards the headcrab, He'd then strike at it, clawing it multiple times, rapidly.

Vortigaunts are inherently apathetic to squabbles of humans, unless it directly endangers them, their kin, or their friends. Therefore violent and destructive behavior is only ever used as a last resort: Yes that's true, Vortigaunts are not the fighting type of "creature" They'd most likely run away on bigger opponents and heal up.

Do you understand and agree to roleplay with this statement in mind?: Yes, I do agree.

Going to the surface unprepared is a very risky endeavour, and has often lead to vortigaunts dying or being enslaved, therefore vortigaunts are very usually fearful of being caught outside for too long. Keeping this in mind, anywhere above the sewers is a PK zone for vortigaunts: I know and I will agree on that.

Do you understand and agree to roleplay with this statement in mind?: Yes... I do.

Vortigaunt Name: Ghung Lar

Age (less than 2400 years old): 1459 Years of age.

Backstory (highly reccomended)*: (Optional: No)

I DinoK agree to abide by the rules and sanctions proposed to this faction, and also agree to be introduced to the faction by the faction leader if my application is accepted.


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