DinoK's CCA Application

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DinoK's CCA Application

Post by DinoK on Wed Dec 23, 2015 11:34 am

MPF Whitelist Format:

Why do you want to be in the MPF?: Well, I want to be in the MPF/CCA for a good reason, That is to - Follow orders, no matter the struggle or obstacle that may get in my way, Not only that but to support my superiors and support my fellow Units.

Have you had experience in this role before?: Yes, Plenty of times.

Why is it important to maintain high standards of RP as an MPF unit?: Because, It is a important whitelist, When you get the whitelist -  You need to have excellent rp and you need to know what you're doing. It is also forbidden to abuse this whitelist because ofcourse, that will result in a pk or worse.

How, in your eyes, should an MPF unit act when interacting with citizens?: He should concentrate on his main duty, To serve and protect. If a Citizen walks up to him and starts talking randomly, He obviously has to ignore the citizen and carry on with his main duty, to patrol or not to patrol - The UU comes before the citizens.

Type out an example of an 04 unit pursuing a fleeing anti-citizen (10-20 Lines):
**Helix-04 Would quickly, Unholster his stunstick, He'd turn around quickly sprinting, He'd push against the wind keeping a flow on his pace of speed.
**Helix-04 Would then grab his radio, He'd speak the words "11-99, Anti-citizen is on the run and is heading towards... Ugh... District 3" He'd be breathing heavily, But still, keeping a good pace of speed.
**Helix-04 Would vault the dumpster, sliding straight over it, He'd land on his feet perfectly, Then charging against the wind with immense speed, He'd gain on the anti-citizen.
**Helix-04 Would quickly, reach for his 9mm, He'd turn the safety off, checking the magazine he'd then aim for the anti-citizens leg, He'd slowly pull the trigger, focusing on his accuracy, He'd fire shooting to pacify, He'd blow a hole through the citizens leg.
**Helix-04 Would pounce on the citizen, Then restraining him he'd tie the citizen up, Searching him before waiting for backup to arrive.

State your Steam ID: (I couldn't get my steamID due to a bug with SteamID finder :/)


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