Civil Worker Union Rules and Regulations

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Civil Worker Union Rules and Regulations

Post by Scott545 on Mon Feb 02, 2015 5:12 pm

Welcome to the CWU. Before you hop in, we'll cover the basics of what you'll be doing as a CWU worker, and a few rules we've set in place for the faction.

So, what will I be doing with my new whitelist, Scott?

As a CWU worker, you manage the economical aspects of the server. As part of the CWU, you will run work shifts, help set up for certain Union Sanctioned events, and also drink insane amounts of coffee. They also manage shops and permits, we'll touch more on that in a moment.

What about rebel rp? I want a rogue CWU!

Well hold on there, Billy. Although we love to grow and expand ALL aspects of RP on our server, the CWU are bared from entering ANY sort of organized resistance group. If you would like to leave the CWU after you join, and then get involved with a resistance cell, you're free to do so. Now, this isn't to say that you couldn't hook your buddy up with a few under the table chocolate bars, or maybe grab a 6 pack of beer off the assembly line for you and your buds after a hard day's work, but you may NOT funnel supplies to a resistance group, and you may not join any resistance groups as long as your character has the CWU white list. You will lose your white list for getting involved with organized rebel groups.

Lets talk about the whole "permit" thing, now.

Well, as you all know, EVERYTHING is Union property. Your clothes, the air your breath, and the buildings that line the city. In order to run a shop, you must go through the proper channels. As a citizen, you must get permission to use the Union's buildings, and sell the Union's goods. Simply find a CWU Foreman (If none are around, PM me or AtomicDuck) and they will interview you, check your records, and look over your finances, before giving you the keys to your store (This is all performed in character, to promote RP). You will buy all your goods and supplies from the CWU workers, or Foremen. Once an order is placed with them, the shipment will be purchased and delivered to the CWU HQ (Opposite the train station) where said business owner can pick up their shipment and pay for it accordingly.

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