Vortiguant Roleplaying Guide.

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Vortiguant Roleplaying Guide.

Post by Scott545 on Mon Feb 02, 2015 5:33 pm

Vortiguants are very interesting creatures to role play as, but with any factions, they do have a few minor rules that need to be covered. The first being...


Listen, I know every body likes to get down and dirty, but just don't do it on your vortiguant character. If you do it, you'll loose your whitelist, and get a ban, simple as that. I have to dig through logs, Duck's gotta dig through logs, and the rest of our admin team has to dig through logs. The last thing any of us want to do, is read about you taking a vortiguant to pound town while we're looking for a rule breaker. If you absolutely MUST get freaky with your vort, take it to steam, and spare my delicate virgin eyes.

MPF Interaction, and the over world

As a vortiguant, the Union see you as a lesser life form, lower than that of the average citizen. On top of that, any non enslaved vortiguants are amputated on sight. This should make it clear that having any friendly interaction with the MPF is disallowed. You may, however, interact with rouge CPs on a personal basis. Now, lets talk about going topside, out of the sewers, into the overworld. As mentioned before, vortiguants are kill on sight for the MPF. This isn't to say a friendly i5 with a soft spot in his heart will outright butcher you, but be weary. Keep your trips topside to a minimum, and always use proper fear RP when exploring above. When you go on the surface, you take on the responsibility of knowing that if you're killed by a unit, it IS a PK.

Vortiguants are NOT humans

Now we all know this, but the point I'm getting at is, vortiguants and humans are not on the same intellectual, or emotional level. Vortiguants have been around for hundreds of years, and have vast knowledge and wisdom. Humans, are, well...Humans. They steal, cheat, and will shoot you dead for a pair of new shoes. This isn't to say that some vortiguants aren't nasty and rude, but they do have certain restrictions. Vortiguants are not allowed to mug other players, whether they be CPs or citizens, and they are not allowed to kill without a good reason. Even though they appear to be violent monsters in some scenes in the HL1 game, vortiguants in this time period are free from the Nihilanth's mind control, and are somewhat docile, unless provoked.

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