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Server Canon/Timeline

Post by MrAtomicDuck on Sat Jan 24, 2015 5:48 pm

12th of June 1952 - The Black Mesa Facilities are constructed. Then soon after, are purchased by Black Mesa.

8th of September 2000 - The Black Mesa Incident occurs. It is unclear as to when exactly this occurred, all that is known is that the facility was promptly closed via military intervention. Few survivors escaped, spreading rumours of the event, but not of the exact details. Over the years, the survivors have been hunted, leaving no evidence of the incident. Gordon Freeman, and the rest of the Black Mesa team were killed.

26th of April 2002 - Portal storms rage, the very first of them appearing. Xen creatures pour through the portals, causing havoc upon the cities of mankind, however the military eventually overcomes them. Mankind is weakened, but not beaten.

13th of August 2003 - Portal storms intensify, refugee camps are constructed around major cities after major losses in rural areas. The military has withdrawn all its forces to major cities, whilst the politicians of Earth discuss between themselves what is to be done about the portal storms.

31st of December 2004 - The first sign of the Universal Union appears, the largest of the portal storms appearing above the city of New York, followed by the appearance of a Union Carrier Ship. The Universal Union invade Earth, massacring over a third of it’s population in the process. Earth and all of her armies crumbled before the Combine in a mere 7 hours.

1st of January 2005 - The senate of Earth engage in negotiations, though none can be met with this seemingly all-powerful force, bent on the unification of all species through justice and order. They offer a choice to the senate: Join the Union willingly, or be forcefully enlisted at the hands of the Union’s Synthetic Forces. An emergency meeting is called with many of Earth’s leaders. Breen promises respite from the on-coming storm through a series of nuclear strikes against both the carrier ship and the portal storms. The senate sees no other option, electing Breen as the head of Earth, effectively leaving mankind in his hands.

2nd of January 2005 - Breen secretly contacts the Union Carrier, striking a bargain in which Breen becomes the Administrator of Earth, and effectively survives all processing in exchange for the compliance of mankind in all areas. Mankind is left helpless, and processing begins. The Union take over the major cities first, then the refugee camps that surround them. Receiving little resistance and crushing those that dare to do so.

13th of March 2005 - By this time, all surviving military personnel have been converted into what is now known as the Overwatch Transhuman Arm, or OTA. Their bodies severely altered by several bio-augmentations that leave them but a husk of their former selves. They grow immense in strength, extremely heightened perception, and are equipped with the Union’s finest weaponry and armour. Along with this, the major cities of mankind have had their names revoked, and structures altered into that of the Union’s liking. Forming sprawling metropolises of alien technology mixed with that of human construction. The outskirts of the Cities are plagued with pollution, Xen wildlife, and OTA patrols. Citizens are worked beyond all measure, becoming extremely malnourished in the process. Many die from being overworked, through disease, or simply from a bullet to the skull. Rendering them lifeless after their futile resistance.

25th of May 2005 - Secondary cities are spawned, renovating cities that were previously destroyed during the Unions onslaught in order to split those that have built up any form of relationship before the war struck. This is in attempt to relieve any citizens of companionship, ultimately leaving them in a new environment, harassed by the newly constructed MPF. On this exact day, City Seventeen is finalized in what the human race once called “Czechoslovakia”. The city’s industrial sector receives a fresh influx of citizens, malnourished, beaten and harassed to the point at which they are all considering if life is worth living. Their story is unwritten from this point forward. Destiny awaits.

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