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In Character Rules

Post by MrAtomicDuck on Sat Jan 24, 2015 5:52 pm

1. If you are considering mugging a character, there must be 2 MPF units online. If you want to mug an MPF unit, 2 additional units must be online, leaving a total of 3 units. This prevents a large amount of muggings occurring at strange hours, when MPF activity is low.

2. Any assassination attempts on CA or CWU members MUST be taken up with an SA or Server Owner before being authorized. That means no random killing of the Administrator on public events. Failure to seek an SA or Owner will result in the event being voided, and a ban of anyone involved.

3. As a citizen, you are malnourished and weak. Without the use of drugs, or a prolonged diet of high quality food, you would be unable to meet the physical strength of an MPF unit. Even at peak physical condition, you would stand no chance against an OTA unit. Bear this in mind at all times. Failure to perform proper RP with a unit will result in a kick, and a warning.

4. If you wish to form a resistance group, contact an SA or Server Owner. Anti-citizen activities require no authorization, but forming any kind of resistance group must be ran by one of the previously stated members before creation. To elaborate on this: John, Paul, and George are normal citizens, who aren't quite happy being poor and hungry. They decided to form a small gang, mug some CPs (with proper fear RP) and maybe rob a house or two. This is completely okay, and requires no admin intervention. If our trio would like to arm up, retreat into the sewers, and form an independent group, then a chat with an admin must be had. 9.99/10 times we will say yes, this is just to weed out the occasional would-be group that destroys RP for the rest of us.

5. Try to stay IC at all times. The only viable reason for not being IC is returning to a previous location that you were IC in the last time you were on the server, upon login.

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