Out of Character Rules

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Out of Character Rules

Post by MrAtomicDuck on Sat Jan 24, 2015 5:58 pm

1. Metagaming is under no circumstances permitted. Using OOC (Out of Character) information in an IC (In Character) situation warrants a PERMANENT ban.

2. Powergaming (Forcing your actions upon others), will result in a warning and re-do of that particular scenario. Failure to cease powergaming will then result in a ban.

3. Punchwhoring warrants a one week ban. Second occurrence of this will result in a permanent ban.

4. Failure to respect admins, at all times, may result in a ban. They’re here to help, and make your RP enjoyable, please respect them as you wish for them to respect you.

5. Along with the Admin team, also respect your fellow players. We like to be a community of friends who enjoy HL2:RP. Bullying someone for their ethnicity, race, sexual preference, or any reason they cannot control (Ex: Mixing up letters because they’re dyslexic) will result in a permanent ban, with no warning.

6. “Minge-ing” is under no circumstances permitted. This is a serious RP server, so you are expected to take it seriously.

7. No character names are allowed to contain any form of profanity, or reference to celebrity personalities. For example, you’ll get a swift ban if you create a character with the name “Haris Pilton” or “Fry Chikun”.

8. FearRP and PainRP (Explained in the "Basic Roleplay Information" sticky) must always be present in your roleplay. Failure to adhere to the proper standards of this roleplay will result in a warning from an admin, and possibly a ban.

9. You are NOT allowed to kill a character without a genuine IC motive. Killing the character(s) for the items of which they possess is not a viable excuse. You may mug characters, though you may do this for a maximum of 100 hundred tokens per interaction, and prepare to receive a PK if the MPF catch you red-handed. Viable reasons would include: Traitorous actions, relationship related RP, or simply a major argument that cannot be fixed.

10. In order to mug a fellow player, there must be AT LEAST 2 MPF units online at the time of the mugging. If you are mugging a MPF unit, there must be 2 other units online to assist him.

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