Citizen Document: Draco Maltruce

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Citizen Document: Draco Maltruce

Post by John. on Mon Mar 02, 2015 12:31 pm

Dr. Draco Maltruce wrote:"Don’t bother, with what you are about to do. Your pupils are dilated, you are perspiring without extraneous physical output, you are checking your surroundings more often than usual, and your hand is drifting around your jacket. You should make sure that gun in there is loaded with more than one bullet, because you better believe you are gonna need more than one "

General Characteristics

Name: Draco Maltruce
Appearance: At first glance, Draco may be considered to be similar to a businessman, with his suit and black tie it would normally make quite the impression.
Symbol: - Personal wax stamp he payed to smuggle through into the city. Seals personal deeds and letters with asuch
Pronunciation: Draykoh Mal (Mal for Malice) truse
Name Origin: Changed from Lucas Repar shortly before the 7 hour war
Name Meaning:  Serpent (Last name was hand-picked and fabricated, it has no apparent meaning)
Other Names: Lucas Repar
Titles:  Doctor
Alternate Forms: N/A
Social Security Number: 712-06-1932
ID Number:  22172 (CID)
Theme Song:

Zodiac: Virgo

    Personal Characteristics

Birth Date: 20/09/1981
Birth Name: Lucas Repar
Birth Place: California (Migrated)
Birth Weight: 8 lbs
Birth Length: 15 inches
Manner of Birth: C-Section
First Word(s): “Puppy”

Death Date:
Age at Death:
Death Place:
Resting Place:
Manner of Death:
Last Words:

Primary Objective: Manage the clinic
Secondary Objectives: Find some way to get back at the Universal Union without giving away his cover
Priorities: His own safety
Motivation: Power, Money
Accomplishments: Achieved loyalist status, Achieved CWU status, Achieved Manager status
Greatest Achievement: Has not been achieved yet
Failures: Failed to save Prisam, Failed to prevent his mother’s suicide
Biggest Failure: Has not happened yet
Self-Confidence: Is relatively low, however this does not affect his instinct for self-preservation
Traumas: His mother’s suicide
Afflictions: Minor recurrent nasopharyngitis, Stress-induced schizophrenia
Embarrassments: His failures being made public
Worries: See above
Soothers: The thought that he has made an effort to bury his past by a complete shift of identity

Earliest Memory: When he was 3, all he could remember is blue and red flashing lights and loud sounds, which were frightening to him
Fondest Memory: His 12th birthday, when he was allowed to get one item under $50 of his choosing for his birthday
Worst Memory: His mother’s suicide

Desires: Glory
Wishes: The universal union never took over
Regrets: Investing so much time into sports
Secrets: He is opposed to the universal union, even though he is labelled as loyalist
Soft Spots: People who are crying
Cruel Streaks: People who tend to be injured, upset or hurt for drugs, he will usually OD them on said drug and put it down to the “system reacting badly” to the drugs

Musical Instrument: Piano
Quirks: Often straightens and tightens his tie for no reason
Dominant Hand: Right
Catchphrase: “Hmh, come in.”

    Mental Characteristics

IQ: 142
Known Languages: English
Lures: The promise of money or safety
Manias: Recreational drugs such as cannabis
Memory: Is usually good at capture and recall
Phobias: Debilitating phobia of trains
Savvies: Medical andPsychiological knowhow/People Skills
Ineptities: Sports, Music, Running, Jumping, Lifting heavy things
Temperament: Melancholic
Hobbies: Collects Timepieces
Pet Peeves: Hoodies and wet benches

    Intellectual Characteristics

0% - Inept / 100% - Genius
Logical-Mathematical: 92%
Spatial: 34%
Linguistic: 20%
Musical: 2%
Interpersonal: 87%
Intrapersonal: 43%
Naturalistic: 65%
Existential: 50%

    Philosophical Characteristics

Morality: Skewed, usually does not object to manipulating people to get his way
Etiquette: Very well-phrased, but only used when necessary
Attitude:  Seems rather professional
Outlook on Life: Pessimistic
Perception: Unbiased
Standpoint: Nothing is left to be lost but your life
Philosophy: Apathetic
Political Party: Anarcho-capitalism
Taboos: Suicide


Accessories: Mechanical Pocket-watch
Dress Style/Wardrobe: 3 Black suits, 3 ties with medical insignia, 1 in-suit strap on utility satchel
Equipment: Medical Satchel (Has been known to use syringes from this satchel as melee weapons when put under threat)
Most Prized Possession: His Pocket-watch
Most Valuable Possession: His medical satchel
Trinkets: His engagement ring, which doubles as a small container.

    Social Characteristics

Communication: Is kept brief
Criminal Record: 1 Count of Arson
Discriminations: Does not discriminate
Dominance: Is not dominant
Ego: Not egotistical
Emotional Stability: Neurotic
Expression: He does not usually express his emotions infront of people, nearly always keeping a straight face
Humor: He is very good at faking laughs, but normally is not amused
Liveliness: Rather stale, constant and unenergetic
Patience: He can feign patience, but may push for progress in ventures  which matter to him
Reputation: Is regarded generally as an ultraloyalist, and shunned for that, when in reality he is not
Sociability: Does not often socialise
Status: Alive, Wounded from a fall, which he has treated.
Style:  Lacking


Compliments: “You seem well”
Insults: “... I would inquire to your presence, but i’m not sure you would hear me over your own dribbling.”
Emotional Status: Neurotic, however generally somewhat deppressed
Expletives: “Fuck, fuck, fuck!”
Mood: Down
State of Mind: Delusional somewhat
Words: “Good” , “Pleasure to”, “I would like to report a disturbance”
Farewells: Take Care
Greetings: Welcome
    Story Information

Archetype: The Businessman
Enneagram: The Investigator
First Appearance: The first shipment (Server Launch)
Flaws: Schizophrenic
Tropes: Antiquated, Emotionally difficult to read
Clichés:Cold and uncaring


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Re: Citizen Document: Draco Maltruce

Post by MrAtomicDuck on Mon Mar 02, 2015 12:38 pm

God I love this.

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