Basic Roleplay Information

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Basic Roleplay Information

Post by MrAtomicDuck on Sat Jan 24, 2015 6:00 pm

FearRP and Pain RP:

These are very important to the proper and realistic aspects of RP. If you are in a situation IC that would make you fear for your life in the real world, it is important to express these feelings. Also, PainRP is integral to interaction with MPF and OTA. In situations where you have been injured (Say shot in the leg) you would not be able to walk or run as you would normally. Make sure to keep these factors in mind when you are playing. Treat all RP situations how you would in the real world...And even though I’d love to meet him, you’re not John Rambo IRL.

Play to lose RP (P2L):

Play to lose (Also known as P2L) Is the act of engaging in actions that mirror what would happen if the situation you were in took place in the real world. A good example of play to lose RP is when you are in a fistfight and you use a stereotypical attempting combat emote, such as: *Attempts to throw a wild right swing, full force, at Ed’s face* *Tim attempts to move his head to the right to avoid the blow* *Ed lands the blow on the wall behind Tim*. Improper P2L would be *Ed punches Tim in the face and knocks out his front teeth* *Tim recoils from the blow, holding his bleeding mouth in horrible pain*. In this situation, not only would that not be considered P2L, it would also be considered powergaming by forcing your actions upon another character. Both of these actions are heavily frowned upon, and will result in a ban if not rectified immediately.

Firefight Rules:

Firefights are a very important aspect of RP. Being so soon after the war, resistance is still in full swing. Though this may soon be crushed, it is ultimately up to the player what happens. Firefights will be in large quantities, though will ALWAYS be S2M when the fight is engaged. S2H , or S2K may be engaged if BOTH parties have agreed.  

S2M (Shoot to Miss): This means that you will actively shoot -toward- but not -at- your target. in order to prolong the event

S2H (Shoot to Hit): This is somewhat like S2M. You shoot to hit your opponent, but only in non-vital areas (Arm, legs, etc.)

S2K (Shoot to Kill): This means that you shoot to directly kill your opponent.

The only time at which S2K is permitted, is within close range (Such as room clearing, or CQB firefights), if they're emoted, ex: "/me aims the weapon to the back of his head, pulling the trigger", if both parties have agreed, or when a player is RPing a firefight incorrectly : E.G, standing out in the open and spraying from the hip like you were a huge Russian with a mini-gun (Or good ol’ Arnie). You must react to all events, such as grenades, and if you see another player performing, please have the decency to wait for them to finish typing before you go blowing a hole in their abdomen.

PKs (Permanent Kills) and NLR (New Life Rule):

PK (Permanent Kill) A PK is when your character is considered “Dead” and is deleted. You cannot play on this character ever again.

NL2 (New life rule) This is somewhat like a PK, but you get to keep your character, and some of his/her development. When NLR is issued, your character ICly forgets everything that happened ONE HOUR previous to his death. You are to void all knowledge within that last hour leading up to when your character was killed

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