Sabine Baehr

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Sabine Baehr

Post by TheMilky on Sat Mar 07, 2015 6:03 am

Sabine Baehr wrote:...Do you ever think about just ending it?

Name: Sabine Baehr
Appearance: Sabine has medium-length, rosewood hair. Her eyes are ice blue and she is kind of short.

Pronunciation: Sab-Eena-Bay-yer
Alias: Boyfriend
Theme song:
Birth Date: 12/10/1991
Birth Place: Linz, Austria
Family: Dead

Priorities: Keep her safe FAILED
Motivation: Her
Afflictions: Severe Depression, heavy smoker

Talents: Singer, Artist, Plays harp, graffiti artist.

Sabine was quickly abused at an early age. She was beaten as a young child, and quickly bullied when presented to school. One day, while being harassed, a young girl had walked over to the two boys picking on her and clocked them both in the head. She smiles at the girl, quickly pulling her up. They quickly befriended each other, promising to protect each other for as long as they lived.
After the invasion, her friend had been shot by persons unknown. She quickly spiraled into a vortex of depression and cigars.
The poor girl.


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