PK's, NLR and Voiding

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PK's, NLR and Voiding

Post by MrAtomicDuck on Sat Jan 24, 2015 6:02 pm

When will a PK be used?

- When a person is amputated by a unit WITH GOOD REASON.
- When a person commits suicide.
- When a person is running from a unit and is shot in the process.
- When a person kills another person with good reason and an administrator authorizes the PK.

When will NLR be used?

- During any and all events.
- If an Admin overrules a PK.
- Any other reasons for death besides the ones stated above.

(NOTE: An admin can decide whether a person will be PKed or if NLR will be used at his/her discretion. Weapons will be returned to a player if they are lost during an NLR situation, in order to prevent killing for the sole reason of acquiring weaponry.)

Voiding knowledge:

Voiding something is the act of erasing it from all RP, and treating said situation like it never existed. For example :Jon gives Bill an apple. Bill now has the apple. Jon asks Bill to void getting the apple. Bill agrees, and gives the apple back to Jon. The two act like the situation never happened. Voiding something can be achieved two ways, as follows: All parties involved with the action must agree to the void, or alternatively, an admin can void a situation at his/her discretion. A situation can be voided for the following reasons:

The situation was caused by metagaming (I.E Going into a secret base when you don’t know of it ICly)
A situation is being re-done (You would forget the prior encounter, and treat the second one as if it were the first)
Rule breaking occurred within the situation. The situation will usually be re-done after the Admin team has sorted out the rule breaker, or the situation can be voided all together at the Admin’s discretion.

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