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Wayne Dheriksen

Post by TheMilky on Sat Mar 07, 2015 6:43 am

Wayne Dheriksen wrote:Hey, friendo! It's good to see you again, buddy!

Wayne, 16

Name: Wayne Dheriksen
Appearance: Dirty Blonde Hair, scar down left eye, 5'10".

Alias: N/A
Theme song:
Birth date: 9/22/1991
Birth Place: Boden, Sweden
Family: Dead

Priorities: Survive
Motivation: Taste
Afflictions: Extreme Mania

Talents: Cheering up people, public speaker, Deceiving

Wayne grew up in a poor family. He was a happy child. One day, his parents ended up dead in the house, him being a sole survivor. He quickly moved to Germany, where he lived with his aunt and attended school. During his stay there, a few class mates were murdered, him still being a sole survivor. He was placed in an asylum after seemingly being crazed with seeing so many people die. When he was released, he was 16.
After the war, he moved around, cheering up people here and there despite his past.


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