Citizen Profile: Stanislav Olshansky

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Citizen Profile: Stanislav Olshansky

Post by Bates on Sat Mar 07, 2015 10:44 am

Name Stanislav Olshansky

Appearance Shortly cropped dark hair and beard, brown eyes, pale skin, underfed, wears a green knit beanie on his head, white cardigan over a green shirt, blue cargo pants, black boots with muddied bottoms

Alias/Nickname The Man

Date of Birth 23rd November 1993 (23 years of age)

Place of Birth Kiev, Ukraine

Current place of residence City 17, Industrial District, Metropol, Apartment 1

Current place of work Grizzly Grotto, co-owner

Hobbies Avid card player, gambling, socializing

Afflictions Underfed

Skills Proven salesman, good with people, has basic first aid training

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