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Donation Information

Post by MrAtomicDuck on Sat Mar 07, 2015 9:36 pm

For all those looking to donate to the server, the following information is very important and should be read carefully. The information is in bullet points for your ease.

- All money donated will be used directly on the server. Whether it be for monthly fees, DDoS protection or various other installments.
- Monthly, the cost of donation will be £5.00. This is in British Pound Sterling. If you're donating in another currency, make sure to check the equivalent price.
- We strongly recommend that you give money in monthly installments, rather than donating £10+ at once. This will cover you if the server unexpectedly shuts down.
- If you do donate money, and the server shuts down, we are not obliged to return any lost fees, as this is a donation and is not termed as a transaction. Please bear this in mind when deciding how much to donate at one time.
- Donation priveleges are listed elsewhere on the forum.

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