Donator Priveleges

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Donator Priveleges

Post by MrAtomicDuck on Sat Mar 07, 2015 10:04 pm

Firstly, if you did donate, thank you very much. We really appreciate the fact you've contributed to the server's growth and on-going prosperity. Also, here's a list of stuff you'll get!

- A whitelist for the Zombie faction. This is permanent after your first donation.
- 500 Token grant per month of donation.
- "pet" flags for each month of donation.
- An apartment deemed as yours for one character, for as long as you donate, decorated to your liking (Within reason. Lets not have flatscreen TV's here).
- Donator rank serverside, so everyone can see that you've contributed. You get a little heart next to your name, and we get to give you the 'D' flags. Aw yeah.
- IC interview to a faction of your choosing. Your whitelist will be permanent, IF you pass the interview. Rest assured, if we think that you can be taught how to play the role, we'll do so. The only reason you won't get in is if you're completely un-teachable.

That's it. We hope this tempts some of you. Please give generously!

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