Violations and Their Punishments

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Violations and Their Punishments

Post by MrAtomicDuck on Mon Jan 26, 2015 8:27 am

Level one violations:

Uncivil Behaviour: Running, jumping, yelling anything the unit considers “Uncivil”
Audio Violation: Profanity, speaking in a language other than English, or speaking out of turn.
Minor Criminal Conspiracy: Being an accomplice in a level one or two violation.
Minor Criminal Inaction: Failure to report a level one, or level two violation.
Polio-Intrusion: Being in a unit’s personal space, breathing on him, or even looking at him wrong, along with any other reason the unit can think up.
Minor-Malcompliance: Failure to follow a unit’s order.
Illegal Possession Level One: Possession of non-UU branded food items.
These violations are met with a re-education, along with ONE Loyalty Point deducted  which effectively removes a loyalty point, or goes down into negative figures if the suspect has none already.

Level two violations:

Criminal Conspiracy: Being an accomplice in a level three violation.
Criminal Inaction: Failure to report a level two, or level three violation.
Malcompliance: Multiple failures to follow a direct order from an MPFunit.
Verbal Poliocide: Blatant verbal disrespect of an MPF unit, or citizen with a high loyalist tier.
Socio-endangerment: Anything deemed interfering with socio-stability. Fighting with another citizen, taking part in a riot, breaking and entering into Citizen property (Apartments, boxes, ect.)
Attempted Homicide: The attempted murder of another citizen.
Illegal Possession Level Two: Possession of items such as spray cans and non-UU branded medical supplies. Un-sanctioned clothing or accessories. This includes tattoos, necklaces, rings or any other form of jewellry.
Theft: The act of stealing items belonging to citizens. This does not include any UU owned store, or CWU building.
These violations are met with a heavy re-education, along with THREE Loyalty Points deducted .

Level three violations:

Major Criminal Conspiracy: Being an accomplice in a level three or four violation.
Major Criminal Inaction: Failure to report to a level three, or level four violation.
Major Malcompliance: Failure to follow the direct order of a member of the CAS (Civil Administration Senate)
Homicide: The murder of a citizen.
Minor Criminal Trespass: Going behind the counter, or the off limits area of stores you do not own. Going into any civilian areas deemed off limits.
Minor Poliocide: Putting your hands on an MPF officer (Pushing, shoving, pulling, poking.
Anti-Union propaganda: Saying anything bad about the Union, either in verbal, or written form.
Civil-Dislocation: Living outside of union allocated housing (Living in an alleyway, or anywhere outside of an apartment)
Illegal Possession Level Three: Melee weapons (Bats, knives, ect.) communication devices, and zip-ties.
Union Theft: The lifting of property from Union stores, CWU buildings and the like.
These violations a met with a severe re-education, along with SIX Loyalty Points deducted.

Level four violations:

Major Poliocide: The act of killing a member of the MPF, or attempting to kill a member of the MPF. Performing any aggressive actions towards a unit (Kicking, punching, biting ect.)
Civil-Disunity: Starting a riot, doing anything to entice rebellion within the city. Trying to leave the city.
Major Homicide: The murder, or attempted murder of a CAS individual, or a citizen with high loyalist tier.
Non Union-Sanctioned reproductive interaction: Doing the nasty.
Waiver Malcompliance: Failure to follow orders during a Judgement Waiver.
Illegal Possession Level Four: Possession of firearms, ammunition or explosive devices. Any object that is deemed to conceal the identity of the suspect; such as masks. Armour items are also considered to be level four contraband.
Judgement Evasion: Evading capture by Civil Protection teams.
Anti-Citizen status: Having your citizenship revoked, or having -10 Loyalty Points.
These violations are met with instant AMPUTATION.

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