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MPF Roleplay Guide

Post by Scott545 on Mon Feb 02, 2015 4:36 pm

This guide will essentially cover the do's and don'ts of BBox's Metropolitan Protection Force, and give a guideline on how to behave as a Civil Protection officer. Keep in mind, that the thing we encourage most, is deep and interesting character development. This guide does not intend to tell you HOW to play your MPF unit, simply where to start, and how to build a solid foundation for a fun to play character. So, lets begin!

Fear RP/Pain RP

This is one of the most overlooked aspects of MPF RP. Even though you've got a shiny gun, and some Kevlar, it doesn't make you invincible. Your character still gets scared, and death is still a VERY real threat. You may be employed by the biggest, baddest group of aliens in the universe, and your character may love walking around, making citizen's life crap, but you are still a human. You feel, you breath, and you live, just like everybody else. Simply keep this in mind as you develop your character. This leads us to another topic....


A "Robocop" is a Civil Protection unit who thinks he's harder than nails, nobody's bitch, and 2 kewl 4 skewl as soon as he steps out of the Nexus for the first time. These units rarely show any form of emotion, and sometimes take part in overly-cruel actions such as torture, and extensive beatings that would make even a seasoned unit's stomach curl. These units are a drag on RP, and simply unrealistic. Very few people are capable of such extreme actions, outside of the mentally insane. However, this topic is a double sided sword. As your character progresses, and rises though the ranks of the MPF, he will, undoubtedly, see some shit. Over time it's natural for a unit to toughen up, and become very desensitized to violence, due to a constant exposure of it. A little "edgyness" can be expected from the higher-ups. But as a new recruit walking on his first patrol, keep in mind: Just hours ago, you were a citizen, too.


Some servers use a rank system that involves DevL, SeC, and EpU units. This provides a very rigid leadership system, than can sometimes be very cumbersome, and not fun to RP with. Here, we use an "intention" system, much like a few other servers. With the intention system, units are given one boss: Dispatch. No units boss other units around, unless appointed to by dispatch for a period of time, ex: During sweeps or apartment raids, or if no dispatch is present. If this is the case, the highest intention unit(s) take temporary control. There are some limitations to this, however. As a high intention unit filling in for dispatch, you have no right to call for OTA assistance, or order any sub-level sweep. If you would like to respond to crimes, assign Patrol teams, or order apartment sweeps, then you're at liberty to do so, until another dispatch arrives. Now, lets get into intentions.

Intention 5: This is the lowest intention, given to recruits right out of the door. You're given your basic equipment, a pistol, and a stun stick, then you're sent on your way.

Intention 4: At this intention, units are a bit more seasoned, and knowledgeable of the MPF and how it works. You also get access to non-lethal grenades, such as smoke and stun grenades.

Intention 3 Units at this intention are becoming experienced veterans, and most likely have quite a bit of combat experience. At this rank, units are given access to fully automatic SMGs.

Intention 2 The second-highest intention. These units have seen some shit, smelt some shit, and probably tasted some shit. They're given access to lethal HE grenades, and have undergone Pro-Union brainwashing.

Intention 1 These are the big kids in the sandbox. Intention 1 units are tough, combat experienced, and have undergone extensive brainwashing. They're given access to a 12 gauge shotgun. A devastating weapon, and a big ticket grab for the resistance. By this point, they have almost no recollection of their former selves, and are effectively a Union slave soldier.

Rogue MPF units

Rogue units are very exciting, and rewarding to play, but there are some boundaries. Firstly, any unit intention 2 and above MAY NOT partake in ANY resistance RP. Not to say that you couldn't give a citizen the occasional tin of food, or maybe that bottle of contraband alcohol you found in a sweep. But as a high intention unit, you are forbidden to get involved with any armed, anti-union group. Intentions 3 and below, however, are different. They have undergone no formal brain washing, and still have a somewhat free thinking mind. They may get involved with resistance RP, but MUST go through the proper channels. Simply PM me, or MrAtomicDuck, and we'll ask you some questions revolving around the group you wish to join, and your character background, as well as your character's motives for joining. To avoid any meta-game, do not tell anybody but the resistance group you're planning on joining, myself, and Duck. We will keep your application confidential, so you can sneaky beaky, without fear of metagame.

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