Elias Barnes' Back story.

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Elias Barnes' Back story.

Post by Zathias on Wed Mar 18, 2015 6:06 pm

INb4 just found out that any char with a PAST in the military still gets amped. So, ill have to change the backstory around a bit, like a lot actually. So it wont be the same, but ill keep the music Razz


Not sure if it will go with the whole story, but I love the song anyway.

Elias Barnes, his backstory.                                  

NOTE: This is pretty much a work in progress, I normally create a basis for a story and then make tweaks to it instead. I decided to choose a military background for this char because I based it off a character in one of my favourite war films so I didnt mean to have a generic gung-ho soldier. Although I try to make him as weak looking as possible due to his trouble in the military  Very Happy

Elias, born on the 7th of December 1982 in the outskirts of Los angeles, CA. He had a lonely child hood, his brothers were a
lot older then him so they had already moved out and one of them had joined the Army so he wasn't seen at all. The other
brother had moved out with his girlfriend and rarely came to visit Elias. This made Elias's childhood relatively lonely, he
didn't make a lot of friends in his area due to his reclusive nature.

Elias went through school, being very quiet and only hanging around in a small group of four people who had the same interests
as him. Elias lived in a very strong patriotic, Christian family. Every single male of the family had something to do with the
military one way or another except if they suffered a medical problem like Elias's brother who had moved out did. So, Elias
was expected to join up, join the Marines as he was constantly told by his parents. Elias didn't want this, he wanted to go to
college to study computer science. But he felt he had to follow this "family oathe" and knew there was no way out of it...

So he did. He joined the US Marines at the age of 18, as soon as he had left school he prepared himself for it. There was
always that one bit of doubt he had when signing up, but he did it. A good few, long, pain staking months in he was doing his
training. It was hard, the hardest thing in his life. He tended to over train himself a lot, suffering aches to his joints and
his performance beggining to gradually drop, he knew he couldnt go on further without severely injuring himself before that is
exactly what he done. He ended up tragically breaking his left arm in a drill...

Elias during his training in the Marines.

He was then discharged from the US Marines and came home to a dissapointed family. His parents being so proud he signed up to
being so dissapointed when he came home. He rested a lot, not going out much as his arm healed. He couldnt go to college after
it healed and ended up just joining the national guard, the so called "Weekend warriors" he managed to get in with relatively
no difficult after his arm had fully healed and was able to begin using it, his experience with the marines was a bonus so he was pretty much accepted straight away.

Once Elias had joined the National Guard, he had decided to move from LA, he went to seattle. Getting a part-time job at a
local bakeries and getting a low-rent apartment around the outskirts of seattle. It didnt pay much, but it helped pay the
bills when he wasnt on active duty for the National Guard. His life from then on was pretty much nothing special. Nothing
really happened to him, he never met a girl,  he had hardly any friends except from some guys he met in the Guard. Life was
all around shit for him. He began sinking into depression, taking pain killers constantly. He left the national guard and just
worked the bakeries and a few extra small jobs around the week.

Thats all until the portals opened up, Elias sort of snapped back into reality when they opened. He knew this was an
incredibly bad situation. He left seattle, squatting around any place he could find which wasn't filled with something that could
kill him. He didnt really know much of what was going on, apart from the frequent radio broadcasts of the invasion, the
invasion that resulted in a war lasting for 7 hours...

Months later, Elias was found, being drafted in with other citizens into the labour force for city 17's industrial complex. He
couldnt say he liked it, but he didnt exactly have a choice it was either work at the factory or be killed. So Elias done his
work, went back to his shitty apartment and slowly allow the Breens water to rot his memory of what he had done. It probably
ended up saving his life. No doubt he would of killed himself already if he really knew how messed up the world had become.

This is Elias's story, but its not the end to it..


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