Alfred Brawnson's Story so far

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Alfred Brawnson's Story so far

Post by vanguardxe on Wed Mar 18, 2015 6:33 pm

Alfred Brawnson

Alfred was born in Portugal 8th of March in the year of our lord 1974. He was the son of James Brawnson and Sofia Vaz Sousa, Through out his childhood he played and acted like any other kid, even getting into some fights with his collegues in school.
He was an under-achiever in school, through out his school life he got the bare minimum grades to pass by, although it was not because he wasn't smart, he just didn't want to waste time studying, a procrastinator from a young age.
He found his true love on the summer of 1992 , Jessica, whom he married at age twenty. Life was great for the married couple, although they never had children due to Alfred's impotency, However, when the Combine invaded on the 31st of December of 2004 and his wife, a former Portuguese marine surrendered, to the combine forces and kept captive (and later be turned into an OTA drone), he thought her dead.
He held a grudge against these invaders although he knew if he resisted he'd follow the same fate as his wife's.
He was assigned to city 09 formerly known as Portugal and worked on a munitions factory for the OTA, although he did not know what he was making, he had his fights with combine guards and other citizens, and he was beaten for it, almost killed twice aswell for his hot temprament were he not saved by old childhood friends, André who was a mere citizen who chose to die for him, and João a rebel who died covering his escape, he too died.
He was then relocated by order of the Universal Union nº75/52D to C17 industrial sector on May 25th 2005.
His real story begins now.


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